Eric Iradukunda ; Investment analyst – Business Development Fund (BDF)

The ongoing Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program for the youth is nearing its end, as the training this week tackles the 5th module of the program’s manual titled ‘Strategic Planning and Sustainability’. This will be followed by the actual materializing of the beneficiaries’ business projects. The training which begun on the 21st of September was an initiative by Jesuit Urumuri Centre to equip the youth with entrepreneurial skills meant to help them sustain themselves and their families as well as encourage and push them to create job opportunities for others.

                   Thierry Nshuti ; Head of Marketing – Bank of Kigali

Trainers in strategically running this program, have not only during the past few weeks facilitated the manual of the program, but they have also invited experts in different fields under the umbrella of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, to give talks to the beneficiaries. Among these are Mr. Eric Iradukunda, an investment analyst in Business Development Fund (BDF), Mr. Thierry Nshuti, head of marketing at Bank of Kigali as well Mr. John Mugabo a successful entrepreneur and business consultant.

John Mugabo; Entrepreneur

The training so far has covered four modules namely ‘Self-Discovery’, ‘Self-Realization, Innovation Development and Proto-Typing’, ‘Marketing and Promotion’ and ‘Operations, Financing &Financial Management’.

During the fourth module last week, beneficiaries made presentations on their business ideas and viabilities, demonstrating how far the former have come in the program. Dusabe Epitace, one of the beneficiaries commented on the impact the program has had on him so far “I did business before but after attending this training, I have realized I was blind and unaware of so much. Today I can get into business confidently knowing whether it will be profitable or a liability”. Agnes Mukarurangwa another beneficiary of the program has a hairdressing and beauty house project and is grateful for having been selected to attend this training “One of the most important things I have learnt for my future business is how to manage customers and employees, I am truly grateful to JUC for this opportunity”. Ange Adeodata, another beneficiary is hoping to run an accounting firm and echoes Agnes in expressing gratitude for having learnt how to deal with clients as well as having learnt about proper marketing.

Beneficiaries of the program; Ange Adeodata, Epitace Dusabe and Agnes Mukarurangwa

The Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program for the Youth is under JUC’s project of ‘Supporting Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Self-Sustainability and Job Creation’ and is running along-side a similar program for the empowerment of women dubbed “Long walk to recovery-post COVID-19 period”.


Henriette Mushimiyimana

JUC Communication Officer