As a Jesuit Centre, JUC advocates for social justice and uphold dignity for all. Thus, we conduct research on current, pressing challenges in Rwanda. In addition, we are continuously assessing changes and trends that have impact on the social development of Rwandan population. We do this by conducting research, which we provide to policy planners and program developers. We also offer platform for dialogue and advocacy. Finally, disseminate the findings of our research to the public.

Research Finding’s Report Publication on Domestic  Violence in Rwanda (March 2020)

Since 2018, JUC in collaboration with Nyina W’umuntu Organization has been conducting a countrywide research on the root causes of Domestic Violence in Rwanda, which will see its completion and presentation in the year 2020.

Data collection from households was done from November 2018 to March 2019, followed by data analysis of both qualitative and quantitative dimensions.

The next step is the presentation of data at a regional conference to be held in May 2020, in Kigali, which shall be followed by publication of said presentation in local, regional and international journals and bulletins

Upcoming Planned Research

1.  Regional Conference on Domestic Violence and Gender Policy Acquiescence in Africa (May 2020)

2.  Youth and Climate Change: Laudato’Si, 5 Years down the Line: A Catholic Voice– Regional Conference (June 2020)