JUC is determined to contribute to formations of the youth so as to secure their bright future and develop their country’s potential. The Centre facilitates opportunities for the youth to learn self-worth, self-determination, be intelligent in decision making and goal setting. This is done  by building capacity  through AHAPPY Generation Programs for Teenage and Catholic Social Teachings for youth as well as Catholic Professionals.


1. Formation of University Students on Catholic Social Teaching and Christian Leadership in 6 campuses across the country ( January, April, July and October 2020)

Formation training of the Laity on the Social Teachings of the Church have been running since 2017 and have proved to be a successful initiative, as participants are grateful for the space they find to grow their knowledge on the social teachings of the Catholic Church. The program specifically offers training on social justice themes drawn from the social doctrine of the Church. These help enable the public face challenges of today’s world in the light of the Gospel.

When the program kicked off in 2017, training was run for members of Caritas Rwanda and the Justice and Peace Commission from the Archdiocese of Kigali. As it continues to grow, the year 2020 will have JUC run trainings for university students in 6 campuses across the country as well as for members of Caritas, and the Justice and Peace Commissions in 8 Dioceses of Rwanda

2. Ignatian Discernment and Leadership for Young Professionals (monthly gatherings, every 3rd Saturday of the month)

This program intends that young professionals are enabled to recognize and respond to life purpose in the world and towards others. In the long run, the program envisions building the social consciousness of its beneficiaries, hence molding them into active citizens in their local and professional environment.


1. AHAPPY Generation Program Implementation

In the year 2019, JUC started the implementation process of the program dubbed, AHAPPY Generation Program, after realizing that there was an opportunity to bridge a gap in terms of accessibility of education on HIV and AIDS, pregnancies and drug abuse among the youth in Rwanda.

On the 28th of June 2019, JUC ran a workshop for directors of 13 partner schools in the Archdiocese of Kigali that was soon followed by another for 26 teachers of said partner schools. The second was a 10 day intensive training on the manual of the AHAPPY Generation program after whose completion there has been a successful launch of the program.

Progress reports indicate growth in AHAPPY Generation Clubs in schools, as students are increasingly showing interest in the program and having mindset changes in general.

For the year 2020, this is what is planned;

2. Quarterly Visits to AHAPPY Generation program pilot schools
Jan-Mar : 1 Visit + Talk
April-June: African Child Celebration
July-Sept: Visit + Talk
Oct-Dec: World Girl Child Celebration

3. Essay Writing Competition among youth members of AHAPPY Generation Clubs ( June – October)

4. AHAPPY Generation Program’s evaluation
Trainer’s evaluation ( May 2020)
Schools’ Evaluation (August 2020)
Report Publication and Project’s expansion ( October – November)