On the 31st of March 2021, at its premises in Remera, Jesuit Urumuri Centre concluded the Catholic Social Teaching workshop for the archdiocese of Kigali with the presentation of certificates of completion to members of Caritas, Justice and Peace Commission, the Diocesan Commission of the family, and the Diocesan Bureau of Catechesis.

Fr. Patrice Ndayisenga, SJ

Fr. Patrice Ndayisenga SJ, director of Jesuit Urumuri Centre, took time to thank beneficiaries of this training for their hunger and commitment to the trainings, adding that the teachings are meant for every single person in society “It is not enough for the ordinary Christian to attend mass and follow the homily alone, we all need to know what the church says about different issues that we come across in our day to day lives. We need the guidance of these teachings to know the value of every single human life and how to respond to the challenges of our times.”

Also speaking at the occasion, Fr. Donatien Twizeyumuremyi, President of Caritas, and Justice and Peace Commission in the diocese of Kigali, thanked Jesuit Urumuri Centre for running these workshops across the country remarking that the teachings are needed and formative. He challenged the beneficiaries to go forth and share the knowledge they had gained, with their fellow congregants, friends and families “If you can go and form 35 people each during this year, then by the end of 2021 at least 500 more people will know these teachings through you. Let’s keep each other accountable and provide reports on our progress to Jesuit Urumuri Centre. Let’s make it our mission for the whole world to know about these teachings”

Fr. Donatien Twizeyumuremyi congratulates beneficiaries of the training

The 15 beneficiaries were taken through the theological foundation of CST, the historical development of CST, the fundamental principles of CST, the thematic study of CST as well as the methodological approach to advocacy from CST perspective over the course of 3 days. These teachings were facilitated by Fr. Patrice Ndayisenga SJ, Mr. Jean Julien Rugaba and Mr. Aaron Ndamyumugabe.

Mrs Domitille Mukamusoni receiving her certificate of completion

Mrs Domitille Mukamusoni one of the beneficiaries, expressed her gratitude for the training sharing that she learnt a lot “These teachings taught me about God, about the church and about the human person. I was reminded about God’s love for all, especially those among us that are most needy and vulnerable, and that the church is concerned about us. I am leaving this training feeling much more sympathetic towards every living thing and as well towards our environment”

Mr Ladislas Rebero is also more clear about his role in society after participating in this training “The biggest lesson I am taking home with me is that I need to be one and the same person in every dimension of my life. I cannot be a Christian during mass and then become uncaring towards my family or also ruthless in my work. This inconsistency goes against the teachings of the church. I am encouraged to consult these teachings in my day to day life”

Having run these workshops in 8 dioceses across the country already so far, the next stop for Jesuit Urumuri Centre is the 9th and final diocese (Kibungo).


Henriette Mushimiyimana

JUC Communication Officer