On the afternoon of Monday 23 August 2021, Jesuit Urumuri Centre  celebrated the handover ceremony between the incumbent JUC director Fr. Patrice Ndayisenga SJ and the incoming JUC director Fr. Ernest Ngiyembere, SJ. It was also an opportunity for JUC to bid Patrice farewell as he moves on to another mission. Gracing the occasion were his Grace Bishop Emeritus Alexis Habiyambere, SJ, Christus Community superior Fr. Tite Mutemangando, SJ, a delegate of formation Fr. Marcel Uwineza, SJ,  incoming JUC assistant director Pierre Nyandwi, SJ, members of JUC staff as well as members and friends of the Society of Jesus in Rwanda-Burundi region.

Fr. Patrice Ndayisenga,SJ

Fr. Patrice Ndayisenga, SJ has been running JUC since 2016. At the time, the Centre was only renting out its facilities to outsiders for functions and celebratory events such as marriage receptions. Since being appointed its director, Fr. Patrice has introduced programs and projects with the overall mission and purpose of the promotion of social justice for the integral development of all, especially the neediest, through research and social action. As of today, the Centre has defined itself and focuses on 3 areas of intervention namely; education, social innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as research; between which programs are 9 projects.

Speaking at the event, Fr. Patrice expressed his gratitude to the Society of Jesus in Rwanda-Burundi region for the confidence they had in him by appointing him the director of Jesuit Urumuri Centre. He added that the 5 years he has been at the Centre were fruitful and educative for him. He thanked his predecessors for having paved the way for him, such that it was easy for him to pick up from where they left off and continue growing the capacity of the Centre and its works. He extended his gratitude to the staff of JUC stating that he is grateful and content with their competence and reliability, after which he encouraged them to continue working hard and supporting Fr. Ernest as he takes over the duties of the office of the director. Fr. Patrice concluded by asking for everyone’s prayers and blessings as he moves on to his new mission.

Fr. Ernest Ngiyembere, SJ

The incoming director of JUC, Fr. Ernest Ngiyembere, SJ also expressed his gratitude in absential to the previous and current Regional Superiors of Jesuit Rwanda Burundi region Fathers Jean Baptiste Ganza, SJ and Fabien Gasigwa, SJ for entrusting him with the task of running the Centre. He assured them that he will work towards the diligence they saw in him. He also thanked Fr. Patrice for having mentored him in both his religious life as well as during his orientation and preparation to becoming director of the Centre. He addressed and assured the current JUC staff that he is looking forward to continuing to work and grow with them and asked them for their support and prayers so that the JUC team keeps its light (Urumuri) shining.

From left to right; Fr. Marcel Uwineza, SJ, His Grace Bishop Emeritus Alexis Habiyambere, SJ, Fr. Ernest Ngiyembere, SJ, Fr. Tite Mutemangando, SJ and Fr. Patrice Ndayisenga, SJ

Speaking as a representative of the regional superior, Fr. Tite shared that he was impressed by how much Fr. Patrice has achieved in the 5 years that he has run the Centre in terms of its impact to the society. He added that he had also witnessed the official handover from the outgoing to the incoming director. He stated that he observed how outstandingly Fr. Patrice had tied up every loose end and handed over JUC documentation and paperwork to Fr. Ernest. Fr. Tite concluded his short address by thanking and asking everyone present to support and pray for Fr. Ernest and Jesuit Urumuri Centre team in general to continue their mission of accompanying the vulnerable in the society.

From left to right; Fr. Tite Mutemangando, SJ, Fr. Patrice Ndayisenga SJ, Fr. Ernest Ngiyembere, SJ and Ms Gloriose Umubyeyi

Following the sharing of the celebratory cake of the occasion, JUC financial assistant Ms Gloriose Umubyeyi spoke on behalf of JUC staff. She thanked Fr. Patrice for having been an exemplary leader to the team. She commended him for his love and discipline for work which he instilled in the rest of the staff. She concluded her short remarks by thanking him for forming and bettering each and everyone in their different departments at the Centre. She assured him that the rest of the staff will keep that spirit and will not let down Fr. Ernest.

The ceremony ended with the final blessing by His Grace Bishop Emeritus Alexis Habiyambere, SJ.

God’s abundant blessings to Fr. Patrice in all his future endeavors and a warm welcome to Fr. Ernest from the administrative and support staff of Jesuit Urumuri Centre.



Henriette Mushimiyimana,

JUC Communication Officer.