On Monday the 7th of September 2020, Jesuit Urumuri Centre launched the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship program; a training for the youth, that will be run by Jesuit Urumuri Centre at its premises. At its completion participants will have learnt how to prepare, run and nurture good business ideas. The initiative came about as a result of observing young graduates and job-seekers competing for employment in an environment where opportunities are very scare. Jesuit Urumuri intends for the youth to become self-reliant and job creators for their peers. The launch of the program was preceded by a call for applications where a selection of 40 participants were invited to attend the training.


Speaking at the launch of the program, the director of JUC, Father Patrice Ndayisenga SJ expressed his delight at the Centre having been able to realize its vision of accompanying the youth during their challenging times. He stressed the fact that every year there are new graduates from high schools and universities, whose rate is not proportional to the rate of available job vacancies and opportunities. He however expressed his confidence in the selected participants stating; “We selected you because you provided us with good business ideas that have great potential and we are confident that after learning all five modules of this program, you will be well on your way to starting your businesses and creating opportunities for others”.


Also present at the launch were three of five facilitators that will train the participants in this program; Dr. Benjamin Mudaheranwa, Mr. Patrice Habinshuti and Mr. Deo Mutambuka. Dr. Mudaheranwa shared a short story on his journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur “I had a business idea but no capital, so I sold my mattress and TV then slept on buses to and from Uganda from then on, as I sold any and everything between Uganda and Rwanda. Ask yourself what you are willing to give up for your business to succeed.”


Mr. Habinshuti and Mr Mutambuka also addressed participants assuring them of their commitment to helping the latter learn and realize business ideas and dreams.

Father Patrice concluded this occasion by leading a discussion with participants on how best to schedule lessons convenient for everyone, considering restrictions put in place by the government to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. He then dismissed the gathering upon offering prayers and blessings for all.

This training begun on Monday the 21st of  September and will be run for a period of a month and a half.


By Henriette Mushimiyimana