It has been 5 years since Pope Francis signed his second encyclical Laudato Si’ , in which he lamented about environmental degradation and global warming and called us all to renew our relationships with God, with one another and with the creation, our Common home (mother earth).

In this letter, his holiness encouraged us to reveal our encounters with Jesus through our interaction with the environment. This means that our Christianity should be evident through the manner in which we treat the earth. This after the realization that the deterioration of our planet affects the most vulnerable in our communities. Peasant farmers are forced to migrate, food crises occur and future generations are compromised.

The four Universal Apostolic Preferences; which the Jesuits are to pay special attention to between 2019 and 2029, that were presented in February 2019 by the Superior General of the Jesuits Fr. Arturo Sosa, also include a call to collaborate in the care of our common. It is of great importance to the society therefore, to play their part in bringing about ecological awareness through education, research and exemplary action as is discussed in the following video by Ecojesuit.